vrbovicaOne of the biggest health problems that men are facing are prostate problems. They can be of a different character, strength and shape. Almost every other man older than 45 years have a problem with the prostate and it is likely that everyone will face this problem if experience old age.

Prostate is muscular organ about the size of a walnut, one part of it it’s a ring that closes urinary channel. Its function is the production of mucus which carries sperm.
Common prostate problems are prostate enlargement, acute and chronic inflammation and the worst is prostate cancer. The prostate cancer is the most common cancer besides lungs cancer.
Some of the burdens faced by men: frequent urination, inability to fully urinate, nighttime urination, weakness, chills and pain in the lower back and genital problems with erection, ejaculation problem and others.

There are a lot of natural medicines for this condition, however, here we will introduce you to the most powerful weapon of nature, and it is the grass called Smallflower Hairy Willowherb – Epilobium parviflorum.

This herb and its application is known hundreds of years but over time was slowly forgotten. It’s actualized by famous herbalist from Austria, Maria Treben, whose books have sold over 10 million copies. Maria Treben personally cured thousands of patients with prostate problem across all Europe exclusively using this herb.

There are several types of Smallflower Hairy Willowherb that can be used to treat prostate:

  • -Epilobium roseum
  • -Epilobium parviflorium
  • -Epilobium montanum
  • -Epilobium obscurum
  • -Epilobium collinum
  • -Epilobium anagallidifolium

Take a teaspoon full of dried or fresh herb, pour 200 ml of boiling water.
Let stand 5-10 minutes and drink.

Drink twice a day once before the first meal and at night before sleeping, for a period of a few weeks until the symptoms disappear.

The tea is used in all prostate problems and gives excellent results. Maria Treben treated with great success in inflammation of prostate and bladder, urine bleeding, pain and disturbances in the prostate, bladder and kidney, prostate and bladder cancer.

Interestingly is that Hairy Willowherb is mentioned in all continents, cultures and languages ​​that speaks for its universal recognition and success.

The tea has a pleasant taste; the herb is safe and you don’t have to worry about side effects. There is no need to increase the dose.





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