Japanese water therapy


voda 4 caserWater is the real source of life and a basic element of every function in the body. Without sufficient hydration, it is impossible to imagine a healthy bloodstream, kidneys, muscles and particularly treatment or elimination of harmful substances from the body.

Drinking water is generally good for health, and the first thing that someone is given when not feeling well is just water. Unfortunately, modern life style, that is flooded with chemicals and drugs, suppress the fact how ordinary water is important for our good, healthy and long life.

Here’s an interesting recommendation, known to every Japanese. It is a Japanese water therapy, known from ancient times, and which became quite famous after the second world war. Then in the Japanese magazines appeared recommendation derived from traditional medicine, that you start the day with plenty of clean drinking water.

Japanese traditional medicine recommends drinking water as soon as you wake up, as the most important natural health habit. Scientists have officially confirmed the effectiveness of this practice. Japanese water treatment gives excellent results as a natural agent for the treatment of meningitis, diabetes, gastritis, headaches, asthma, bronchitis, epilepsy, pain, heart failure, fats in the blood, kidney disease, and urinary ducts, nerve disorder, tumors, diseases of the eyes, menstrual problems, general weakness, loss of energy and cleansing the body

The water treatment takes place as follows:

In the morning immediately after waking up, before brushing your teeth is necessary to drink 4 cups of warm water, or about 640 ml. After drinking the water, for the next 45 minutes eat or drink nothing. Then, continue with your normal habits.

The treatment recommends consumption of warm water during all three meals in the day and 15 minutes after them, and then to take a break of two hours after the meal, and start consuming water again. The treatment gives excellent results for most of the problems, and cleansing the body after only 30 days of practicing.

The recommendation is, that this way of consumption of water to be adopted as a permanent rule of life. There are no consequences and dangers of such therapies, except that drinking this much water can cause a bit more frequent urination. For those who find it difficult to start the day with a half liter of water, especially old people, are advised to gradually achieving the desired amount of 4 cups of water in the morning. Numerous forums on the Internet, have numerous testimonials from people who have improved their health, energy, and physical appearance, by consuming water.

Residents of Japan apart from the western world, almost never use cold water in their nutrition, but usually they drink hot tea during the meals. The Japanese are among the healthiest and longest living nations of the earth, and in 2008, there have been registered over 33,000 people older than 100 years.








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